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About Angela Brinskele Photography

Angela Brinskele has been formally trained in photography at Fullerton College, Cal State Fullerton and in UCLA Extension Program.Angela Brinskele-photo 2010 She has been photographing the Los Angeles LGBT Community for over 25 years as an event photographer, an aerial photographer and a photojournalist. She has been published all over the web and in many newspapers and magazines (both local and National).


Sidewalk Art 2003 (800x531) Violet Orchid (800x740) Pearl Harbor (540x800) Life Struggles (523x800) IMG_6369 (800x533) IMG_5778 (800x531) IMG_3038 (533x800) IMG_3024 (800x533) IMG_1607 (800x572) Fall (800x635) Dysfunctional Childhood (800x533) DSC_8307 (800x532) DSC_8289 (800x532) DSC_8177 (800x786) DSC_1721-e (501x800) 0805598-R1-E011 (800x540) 10 (800x532) 0805598-R1-E013 (800x540)



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